About Medipeds

The MediPeds® brand focuses on promoting healthy legs and feet. MediPeds® socks and hosiery are engineered to address leg fatigue, swelling, blisters, and dry skin – symptoms caused by diabetes as well as other conditions. They are constructed in the highest quality standards, utilizing technically advanced yarns, and comfort features. MediPeds® is the leader in the health and wellness market, offering styles for both men and women ranging from athletic to casual and dress. Style, comfort, and quality are the pillars of the MediPeds® brand.

We continually re-imagine how we make our socks so our planet and people feel as loved as your feet.

Since the beginning, our company has been re-imagining and building the future of responsible apparel manufacturing. From reducing and repurposing waste, to ensuring employees are offered good working environments where they can strive, we set strict standards at every step of the process.

Our unwavering commitment to ethical, social and environmental excellence ensures everything we make is made with the utmost respect for what matters most—people and the planet.